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Image of purple space with pink stars
Photo of the Sensual Empress, Nikole Spiess

I help you tune into your intuition to find answers

around dating challenges, relationship woes, and sexual ruts

I use metaphysical tools and pleasure products of divination to find your own creative expression and turn inward for answers you seek to improve your career, dating life and other significant life goals and relationships.

Bad dating profile

No swipe rights

Bad dates



Intimacy issues

Poor communication

Misaligned goals 


Body issues
Lifestyle exploration

Body image issues

Self-care techniques

Vision board mapping

Image of a purple astrology galaxy

I intrinsically understand the complexities and challenges we face in our modern world.

Illustration of crystals
Illustrtation of an astrology cosmic woman with star background

After you contact me, I will send you an informational questionnaire with a few questions to help me understand what services (i.e. tarot card or astrology reading)  you want to try and what issues you would like clarity with.

I will review your answers, gather information, and prep for our session.   I will then schedule your session, pending our mutual availability.

Our sessions can take place via telephone, video chat, in-person in the Denver area, or whatever works best for you.  

Each session is 30-75 minutes long.

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